Beer. Bourbon. BBQ. At Atlas BBQ, our meats are dry-rubbed before smoking and all of our dressings, sauces, pickles, and sauerkraut are made from scratch. Yes you read that right - everything is homemade. Now we've got you curious so download our menu below. Since all our food is made scratch from at the Atlas Kitchen and cooking bbq takes so long, we can on occasion run out of items. We apologize for this but we thought it best to guarantee quality and not availability.






If you're looking for our catering menu, visit our carryout page to learn more.

Atlas Sauce

Sauce your BBQ to perfection with
Atlas’s signature sauces inspired by BBQ
from around the world. Each offers
a different regional flavor and kick.

  • North: Tomato-based,
    Memphis-style sauce.
  • East: Similar to a Korean kalbi
    with ginger, soy, and mirin.
  • South: Carolina-style vinegar sauce
    with cayenne and Tabasco.
  • West: Lightly spicy Texas-style sauce.
  • “X Sauce” – Peach and Habanero for serious heat.